The Benefits Of Having A Welcome Packet For New Clients


Are you a creative service provider who works with amazing people? But now you’re looking for ways to up-level your client experience. Plus help clients to better understand how you work?

A welcome packet for new clients is an awesome way to help you set the tone for how you and your client can work together.

This informative guide can be a PDF you send over, a page on your website that you direct people to, and/or even can be housed in your project management system.

Remember your client has not worked with you before. Has no idea what to expect and this is your opportunity to give them a fabulous experience! 

What Is a Welcome Packet?

It’s a snazzy document that shares important details about your process and how you plan to work together based on the services you offer.

For example, if you offer a signature service. Your welcome packet could include information about your process, client expectations, and more. 

While we’d love if more people would read our service pages. The reality is that sometimes people don’t and end up showing up on calls asking you questions you address on your site.

The Benefits Of A Welcome Packet

The benefits of a welcome packet are that it gives your clients a point of reference to important information, expectations and helps introduce them to the next steps of your process.

If you offer one service you can give more details about what you want your ideal client to know before working with you. But if you have multiple offers you can just provide some general information that applies to all your services.

Here Are Some Things to Include In Your Welcome Packet

This information will ensure you are communicating your business best practices to help your clients get the results you want them to achieve. 


An introduction is a great way to say a little bit about your business and also include some information about what they can expect by reading through your welcome packet.

How You Communicate

Clients want to know how to reach you for questions. In your welcome packet, you can include information about how to get in touch. 

You can also include what type of communication method works best for you. If you prefer email communication then make sure that is stated.

Your Availability

Do you have office hours? A welcome packet is a great place to include this information as well as list any holidays or vacations that are coming up in your business. This will give your clients a heads up on your availability, and keep the lines of trust open so they can know when to expect a response.


Address frequently asked questions. Have questions that are commonly asked? Reassure your clients by addressing the questions ahead of time. If you can answer questions prior to your client asking it will help position your business as an expert. You’ll also put their minds at ease, plus it reduces unnecessary emails.

Required content

If you are a designer your welcome packet would be a great point of reference to let clients know what is needed from them. Make sure you clearly state what you need in order to move forward. Discuss specific types of content, recommended formats, files, etc that will be needed to complete their project.

Tell them the next steps!

After your client finishes reading through your welcome packet. Explain the next steps, do you need them to sign into their project management system? Send you an email regarding questions? Whatever is the next step in your process, be sure to tell your client.

Ways to Create A Welcome Packet

As a creative, there are plenty of ways you can create your welcome packet. You could make a PDF with Indesign, pages, Google Docs, etc. 

Or you could choose to use a page on your website that is easier for you to maintain. Just make sure it’s hidden and when you’re ready you can send your clients the link.

Regardless of how you choose to share your welcome packet. Having one will show your clients that you are organized and that you have a process for how you’ll help them reach their desired results.

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